Working Groups

What is a working group?

ACPN has set working groups to write about several topical issues related to culture in Africa. Each working group has a convenor in order to drive group towards achieving its goal within the time frameworks. One of ACPN aims is to nurture “experts” on these themes who can speak confidently and knowledgeably on regional and international platforms.  ACPN has tried to ensure an equal number of women and men as convenors of Working Groups. Each working group also has a Steering Committee (SC) member to facilitate communication between the SC and the working groups. Initially set on 30th November 2017, the deadline to hand the policy position papers has been extended to 31st January 2018.

Working groups themes 

  1. Culture, development and the Sustainable Development Goals
  2. Culture, diplomacy and intercultural dialogue
  3. Culture and conflict: prevention, resolution, healing
  4. Culture, human rights, gender and LGBTI rights
  5. Culture, democracy and governance
  6. Culture, the economy and creative/cultural industries
  7. Culture and climate change
  8. Culture and poverty
  9. Culture and migration
  10. Culture, extremism and radicalisation
  11. Culture, cultural diversity and nation-building
  12. Culture, technology and artificial intelligence
  13. Culture, colonialism, apartheid and consequences
  14. African Union arts and culture documents
  15. European resolution on culture in foreign relations
  16. African perspectives of the 2005 Convention